Rod Warren

  • Company projections
  • General management of the management team and company
  • Machinery operations
  • Project management & Supervision

26+ years of running a successful business Rod is dedicated and passionate about providing the very best product at a competitive price. Rod prides himself on being able to provide employment and maintaining a safe and Healthy workplace for all personnel. Rod is very actively on site ensuring the company is always running to the highest quality and efficiency as possible.

Fiona Warren

Fiona’s qualifications include a Degree in Business Management and certificates in Frontline Training, Train the Trainer, Travel and Tourism.

Having worked in entities ranging from partnerships, small, medium and large businesses to large Australian and International Corporations, Fiona’s rolls have included Administration, Accounts, Customer Service and Human Resources and Payroll whilst working in Construction, Utilities, Transport, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Retail industries.

Attention to detail and focus on process improvements have resulted in Fiona presenting to business groups and at conferences and in Australia and Overseas.”

Brendan Crook
(Construction Manager)

  • Project Management
  • Machinery Operation
  • Project management & Supervision

Brendan has over 22 years of Civil construction experience which proves useful to his role. Brendan’s role in the company includes general management of the company and its employees, Project management and supervision of dedicated jobs and general responsibilities of equipment supply. Brendan has a passion for machine operations in particular excavators which makes Brendan a great role model for training operators and their progression throughout the company.

Lesley Stanley
(Admin Manager)

  • Financial management
  • Account management
  • Admin system development

Lesley is an expertise with financial and accountant management to ensure the company is always running smoothly. Lesley has extensive knowledge developing Admin systems and is the core to all financial decisions throughout the company.